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2021 Message.

Welcome to our website, we also have a Facebook page which members occasionally post to so please do also look at that. There is a whatsapp group which we use for club related activities, if you’d like to be a part of this please contact either myself or Graham Smart both of whom are able to add members to the group, as so few people are available for racing races tend to be organised on whats app at the last minute. If interest in racing reappears we will schedule more races but over the past few years we have had lots pencilled in with nothing actually happening.

With Covid still in the air we are unsure as to what may be able to happen over the course of the season. We hope to be able to do some sailing with the Toppers on Friday evenings once this is allowed. I’m afraid that I will be off sailing myself for the beginning of the season, I am participating in the OSTAR transatlantic race which leaves from Plymouth on the 9th of May and as such will be leaving the village around the end of April in order to be there in time for scrutineering and so on.

Once things free up we will plan for a barbecue, probably at Chuckie Bay to which all will be very welcome, as normal it’ll be a bring your own food and drink affair with the club providing some heat.

The fun weekend is pencilled in for 26th 27th June, this consists of the Ladies Race and the Change Helm race on consecutive days.

The Clyde cruising club are planning a massed flotilla of as many leisure boats as possible for the day after Scottish Series, 31st May, this is being sponsored by Tunnocks and whilst any money raised will go to the RNLI it is also intended to raise awareness of leisure boating on the Clyde and potentially attract new participants. All are encouraged to engage with this and, if possible, take someone with them who might not normally have had a chance to be on the water.

The Clyde cruising club, with ourselves are planning for a weekend at Wreck Bay on the 12/13th June, currently we’re not sure if this will happen because of Covid with the planned date being a bit early for restrictions to have been lifted in time but we will keep you informed as plans progress, or don’t.

The Glasgow Fair is the weekend of the 17th July and we’ll plan to have the regatta then, again covid restrictions allowing. I’d imagine that at least the race from Rothesay should be manageable, and hopefully some socialising along with the other races and Monday regatta too.

Whatever your interest we welcome you and hope to see you occasionally or regularly over the course of the season.

Jock Hamilton.

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