Welcome to our website, we also have a Facebook page which members occasionally post to so please do also look at that.  We now have a WhatsApp group for members to keep in touch. If you’re interested please do apply to join it, if you know how, I don’t yet, the idea is that anyone intending to participate in an event can post to the group which may generate further interest, also if anyone is looking for a crewing opportunity or for crew then others may be able to help with knowledge of potential boats or bodies.


We are a small club located in a beautiful sailing area and put on a variety of events through the sailing season. Due to some diminution in  interest in racing we are  scheduling fewer race weekends and hoping to attract more participants in other activities and to this end are putting on a number of sailing in company events over the season, if there is anything like this  that you feel would be  good please do make a suggestion.

The passage races (longer ones) remain popular and if you are interested in joining one but haven’t done much racing they could be a good way to get started as there are generally few boats starting and if you are nervous about a crowded start line then starting a little later than the rest won’t have such a big influence on the outcome over the longer course.


We also have members with racing experience willing to go out with you so  if you’re new to the area / racing / sailing and would like the confidence of an experienced sailor, joining you  for a club event. Please get in touch with a committee member if you’d like to take us up on this. Availability isn’t assured but we’ll try to do what we can.


If you are interested in sailing but have never done much then please do make yourself known to myself or other members of the committee and we can try to put you in touch with owners who could take you out and get you out on the water one way or another.


We started the Children’s Topper sailing last year and will continue with this in a similar way this year. Some of our members are hoping to become qualified instructors too which will make us less dependent upon the time and generosity of the Sailing School. Please look at the Dinghy Training page for further details.


Whatever your interest we welcome you and hope to see you occasionally or regularly over the course of the season.



Jock Hamilton.