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KoBSC – General Data Protection Register (GDPR) Notice and Privacy Policy


Your personal data 

Major changes have taken place to UK law relating to data privacy and protection which includes personal information (“data”) which the Club keeps about you. 

Please take the time to carefully and thoroughly read this Privacy Notice. Any Questions at all, please contact the Secretary

Lawful processing 

KoBSC does not need to obtain specific consent to process data. KoBSC is also exempted from any obligation to appoint a Data Protection Officer. We accept the obligation to carry out processing in ways which are lawful, fair and transparent. 

Types of data collected and stored 

KoBSC is committed to recording accurate personal data which primarily consists of the information on the Membership Application Form. 

In the event of there being a data breach KoBSC undertakes to inform you (as well as any relevant authority) not later than 14 days of it becoming aware of the breach. 


Transfer and sharing of data 

Members of the KoBSC committee are the principal processors of your data. 

We will not be able to release to a member personal data about another without consulting the other member. 

KoBSC does not knowingly transfer your data outside the EU. The ultimate location of computer servers can make this apparently simple commitment difficult to enforce. 

Retention of data 

KoBSC intends to hold your data throughout the period of your Membership and will apply the following post-Membership policies: 

  • –  In the case of resignation, for up to six months and thereafter to retain indefinitely only your name, the date of joining, together with the date and reason of resignation. 

  • –  In the case of death, for up to six months (from date of notification) and thereafter to retain indefinitely only your name, the date of joining and the date of death for archival purposes only. 

  • –  In the case of exclusion, for eight years (in order that appropriate institutional memory exists of the circumstances). 


Your rights relating to your data 

To complain: 

– KoBSC wishes to deal with complaints itself before recourse to any external authority and asks Members to submit complaints via email to the Commodore. It is open to Members to submit a complaint at any time to the Office of the Information Commissioner. 

– To have correct data recorded by the Club. 

– To require the Club to erase data which it holds about you as a Member. 

– KoBSC fully respects the new legislation but reminds Members that the low-level information gathered by the Club is perceived by the Club as the minimum needed. 


The Club website 

This policy applies when members use the Club website.



Whenever this policy is updated a notice will be sent to Members.


We require your specific consent to retain and use your data. 

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