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Restarting Sailing Activities

Having considered the Scottish Government and RYA Scotland advice on Phase 1 of the lockdown, KoBSC has been looking at which activities can be restarted. Racing, junior Topper training and social gatherings are not going to be possible but under certain conditions, the club’s Topper dinghies can be used by members. There are 2 Toppers currently available at the Starter’s Hut numbered 1 and 2 and possibly another 2 if required. 

Conditions for using KoBSC Toppers during Phase 1:

  • Boats must be reserved and not used within 72 hours of previous use - See Booking System Below

  • Only handle the dinghy you have reserved

  • Independent own risk sailing only

  • Appropriate social distancing must be followed ashore and afloat

  • Hand Santatiser before and after using boats

  • Clean Handle of Trolley before and after use with Santatiser 

  • Check condition of boat throughly

  • Singlehanders or family groups only

  • Competent sailors only

  • Do not leave boat on trolley

Follow RYA guidance:

Booking System

The virus can survive on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours and, given the difficulty of effectively cleaning the dinghies, a booking system is needed to ensure there is a 72 hour gap between use by different households.

The booking system is as follows and uses the KoBSC information WhatsApp group (please contact if you would like to join).

Check Availability

Use Whatsapp to check Topper availability

  • not already reserved

  • more than 72 hours since last return


Send a WhatsApp with your name, which Topper and when you would like to use it

<name> Topper <number> Reserved <date> <time>


On returning the Topper, send a WhatsApp with name, which Topper and when you returned it



Topper <number>

Returned <date> <time>

Trolley cleaned

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